we-kau-de-win (Anishinaabemowin):

a spirit dish; a ceremonial or shared feast; a food offering to spirits, relations, and/or ancestors 

Wiikondiwin is a Toronto-based ISRN project offering sustenance programming with an emphasis on ancestral foods and medicines. Our events aim to restore our sustenance relationships, increase the number of sustenance Knowledge Holders, and to provide tools to navigate sustenance activism. Wiikondiwin's offerings include both in-person and online gatherings to best meet community members' needs and geographic locations.


Wiikondiwin strives to strengthen existing and emerging Indigenous Two-Spirit sustenance leadership and our offerings are dedicated to those of Indigenous 2SLGBTQQIAAP+ identities. Wiikondiwin provides shared learning opportunities for those in all places in their sustenance journeys, from those just starting to return to their ancestral ways to those more deeply familiar with their sustenance teachings.


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