The Indigenous Sustenance Reclamation Network (ISRN) is an Indigenous, Two-Spirit-led grassroots group dedicated to Indigenous sustenance sovereignty north of the medicine line (in what is colonially known as Canada). We strive to connect community members to ancestrally-inherited sustenance teachings and practices. In our efforts to achieve sustainable and sovereign Indigenous sustenance realities, we work to increase Indigenous peoples' skills as sustenance justice leaders and activists, as existing and emerging Knowledge Holders, and as sustenance nurturers and protectors. 


ISRN is committed to the decolonial restoration of our sustenance governance systems. For this reason, our team members are Indigenous women and Two-Spirit folks with a balance of adults and youth, and our offerings are dedicated primarily to Indigenous women/girls and 2SLGBTQQIAAP+ community members.

ISRN operates with a national scope, and we offer various online learning opportunities throughout the year. Our in-person programming currently spans three regional partners, including Kahnekanoron, Revitalizing Our Sustenance Project, and Aunty's Basket.

As an emerging network, our website will continue to grow as our programming does: please stay tuned!