mush-kee-kee (Anishinaabemowin):


The Mashkiki Collective is a plant medicine knowledge revitalization project for Indigenous-to-Turtle-Island Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Queer, Non-Binary, and Agender community members. Through this Collective, we aim to reclaim our traditional roles as community healers and revitalize our land-based healing practices. In reconnecting to our plant teachings, we collectively resist internal and external colonial forces that undermine our existence such as cisheteronormativity, ableism, and capitalism in ways that are informed by our teachings, stories, and lived experiences. Through online workshops and meet-ups with our medicines, this Collective further serves as a knowledge sharing community for us to have intimate discussions on how we can reorient our ceremonial, sacred, and every day spaces to honour our safety and existences. This Collective works to generate solidarity with TQBIPOC and strives towards political and spiritual cross-community healing and support through our decolonial and ancestral practices. 


In partnership with the Indigenous Sustenance Reclamation Network, the Mashkiki Collective is offering sustenance programming to Indigenous Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Queer, Non-Binary, and Agender folx with an emphasis on ancestral medicines, foods, and land-based skills. Our events aim to restore our sustenance relationships and increase the number of sustenance Knowledge Holders. These offerings will include both in-person and online gatherings to best meet community members' needs and geographic locations.


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Feb 08, 2020, 10:30 a.m. EST
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Mar 29, 2020, 10:00 a.m. EDT
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